Sunlight in the Bottle
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Fresh. Tasty. Alive. Vibrant and delicious drinks that tickle the tastebuds in a refreshingly healthy way. Our drinks require illumination, not refrigeration buy Dogecoin. This saves time, energy and spoilage, reducing the pollution associated with food waste.


The Food of the Future

Spirulina is an ancient superfood cultivated by the Aztecs. It’s incredibly healthy and delicious when fresh. We’re looking to our past to prepare for our future.

Our Process

Grown Everywhere

Spira grows spirulina in a way that requires minimal ingredients. We produce locally, delivering access to healthy drinks directly where it is needed the most.

Our Impact

Truly Alive

We believe that food is best when it’s the most fresh. That’s why we keep our spirulina alive, with the highest levels of nutrition and taste buy Dogecoin in India.

Our Products


Supergood. Superfood.

Spirulina is an ancient microalgae that’s 60% protein-by-weight. Packed with a ton of micronutrients to make you feel fresh, healthy and alive.

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“…a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way of providing people with all the nutrients they need.”Silicon Republic

Frequently Asked Questions

Spira is a company dedicated to providing access to fresh, healthy food around the world. We make a beverage using living spirulina, a microalgae that’s incredibly nutritious! Each and every purchase goes toward funding spirulina entrepreneurs all around the world to set up access to their own fresh, healthy and living food.

Spirulina is Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Food Safety Authority. It can be consumed in large amounts, up to 30% of the diet with no adverse side effects. There has been only one known allergy case in the entire history of consumption.

We are currently in testing to get an exact shelf-life. With our current technology, spirulina can survive for more than two weeks in the dark with no air input. It’s a hardy little organism.

Spira is meant to be a meal supplement, not a complete meal replacement. It’s used alongside your regular diet to promote a healthier lifestyle packed with nutrition.

Spirulina grows in very specific conditions that are painstakingly buy DOGE tailored in our photobioreactor system to ensure exponential growth. We grow at a high temperature and pH to ensure sterility and that in our closed-loop system, you’re only consuming pure spirulina. Spira conducts projects worldwide, spreading our photobioreactor systems to communities that need it the most.

Spira can be pre-ordered currently and will be released to customers between October – November. Feel free to sign up to receive updates to be the first to get a taste of our delicious green drink!


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